Yuvraj Singh..another comeback!!

Platform was set and 66-4, was the usual situation for the Punjabi southpaw to come to crease and relish his old styles against his favorite opponents- the kangaroos, against whom, he has now his 4 official comebacks, last one of which was around December last year.

Ohh!!..who can forget that 35 ball blistering 70, but , this knock of 41 ball-  60 runs. will go down as the most cherished one, not to mention World Cup,big stage factor.

There goes a saying, “Wind is  always on the side of ablest navigator”. After a poor streak of form in ODIs and being already dropped from test side, there were many speculations about Yuvraj’s future.

Few critics related this with his fight with Cancer, some found out his technical aspects disturbed and started writing him off. But, credit must go to Indian captain M S Dhoni, who backed his most destructive firepower to blast at right occasion, and it couldn’t have been much better, the knock coming on a big stage, WT20, and against Aussies, against whom his recent miseries started.

It was never a matter of technicality or past illness.It was always about self belief, even after failures, you have to keep going, work harder without thinking much about the results.

But, there are many milestones more to achieve for Yuvraj, since, this is just a new beginning, which will be more special if India wins the WT20- 2014, amid all controversies going around.

~ Reeshabh Choudhary

King Kallis - A Tribute

And 2013 ends with another sports giant and probably and arguably most accomplished player of world Cricket
Jacques Kallis going into the sunset.

What a Player he has been, a true gentleman, brand ambassador of  South African Cricket.

If you go by the records,  he is arguably the best all rounder ever played the game.
After scoring a 45th ton in his last innings, King Kallis sits second behind the God Tendulkar in terms of centuries in Test Cricket and third run getter in the same format.
But its not the records which define a sportaman, but the character he portrays. And I can bet Jacques Kallis has most strong character when it comes to team play in crunch situation.  He has been doing this consistently for last 18 years and rightly did so for his team in his last innings as well. True rock for Proteases for past 18 years.
Since 1992, after South Africa staged a comeback in the world cricket, Kallis has taken the torch forward and has accomplished many  goals for his team, , surely WC missing but then he is going to give his best shot in 2015. Over the years,  he has led the Proteas cricket torch forward and kept it ablaze through tough times such aa match fixing scandals n early WC exit in 2003 at their home ground and played and led from front in placing his team at No.1 test spot in ICC rankings. With age n experience, for last 10 years , he has been a prolific run getter in all formats of game including T20 after many wrote him off.
Although age took a toll on his bowling but 292 test wickets and 273 ODI wickets speak for himself adding the tons of runs he scores during all those years, he will surely missed.

Off Cricket, running The Jacques Kallis Foundation for children shows his character as a human being.

Jacques Henry Kallis, World Cricket will always remember you as the most accomplished player of all Time.

My First Blog

28 December 2013 

11.38 am

The Year 2013 is almost about to end with three more days to go. Surely, it has been a year of many Ups and Downs, one of the most happening year of my life or I can say all round the world, there has been activities which had their impact on big scale.

Coming back to my first attempt at blog writing, all I can say, writing has been a like a secret treasure deep inside my heart. Although, I faintly remember, when I last wrote my heart out. But then, life has been at its pace, faster than ever, and I have been trying to steer through it or rather, I shall put it like this : “I was busy enough to talk to myself!!”

Sometimes, it really becomes difficult to just gather yourself and look back what you have done all that time. But, finally, I am here, year end & Christmas, what a time to look back at what you have done all this year. There are memories to cherish and few to let go!!

"The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves."                      - William Shakespeare,Julius Caesar

And I find this particular line of Shakespeare most striking and genuine when it comes to your perspective towards your life. 

Albert Camus, once said, “Man is only creature who refuses to be, what he is”. On a lighter note, a thief will never confess his crime. But then, Do one really accepts himself/herself in his/her heart?? I think, this is the most challenging part, where we have to be at peace with self. 

And this year, I will take a step forward to be at peace with myself and take up the challenges of life as a medium to serenity or “INNER PEACE”.
Trust me, there is no better feeling, when you challenge your own limit and overcome your own demons.